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Meaning of Polynesian, Celtic, Haida and Filipino Tribal Designs/Patterns

The Online Dictionaries of Tribal Tattoo Symbols

The Tribal Tattoo Guide includes 4 different Online Dictionaries to choose from:

  • POLYNESIAN Symbols
  • CELTIC Symbols
  • HAIDA Symbols
  • FILIPINO Symbols

Each Online Dictionary of Tribal Tattoo Symbols is a practical guide to help you create the custom-made tattoo which represents you.

For your convenience, the dictionaries allow 2 types of searches :

  1. I'm very interested in what this or that design/pattern mean (Polynesian tiki or shark, Celtic Tree of Life or cross, Haida wolf or bear, Filipino weapons, etc.),  what do they mean/symbolize? 

  2. What are different ideas of tribal designs/patterns I can choose from to represent this or that aspect of my life (family, prosperity, fighting spirit, strength, loved ones, etc.)?


Understanding and Using the Symbols…

In the world of Tribal Tattoo, intuition and "feeling" play an important role in the creation of a unique personal tattoo; personal in the sense that it really represents you and no one else. Some tribal tattoo artists have a very developed intuition and can help you choose your symbols. A tattoo always creates a relationship between the artist and the person being tattooed. The artist always has his/her place in your creation.

Far from taking the artist’s role, to the contrary, the dictionaries allow you to understand and enter this fascinating world… A tribal tattoo represents you and concentrates your creative energy to fully embrace your life and what lies ahead for you.


Years of Reading at your Fingertips

This guide is the result of 20 years of passion, of research, of reading dozens of books each year in various languages and from different times. It takes into account the many different traditions of the many different tribes and people at the root of the different tribal tattoo styles.

 You can access this treasure of information -until now reserved for a privileged few- for the price of a book. Our unique guides feature information arduously and meticulously gathered from a multitude of sources –all touching on the meaning of the symbols, with drawings and pictures organized by design/pattern. 

You can choose to subscribe to 1, 2, 3,.. or all 4 of our dictionaries! A one month subscription to one dictionary allows you to save –for your personal use- the documentation of interest.


And Years of Life with your Tattoo !

You will see that the tattoo moment flies by… 
The dictionaries allow you to spend hours enjoying the moment of its creation! Enter your life through the symbols. When you look at your tattoo, you will feel who you are without making a single sentence in your head. What if art helped to clear our overloaded minds?

A tattoo... that’s a story of the heart, of what is sensed, of emotion and of feeling.

And our dictionaries will allow you to form a bridge:

between the modern world and the traditional world

  • between the language of the mind and the language of the heart.

Make sure you nurture and work with the idea of your tattoo long before its creation. That way it will have time to mature and blossom...



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